At the eleventh Cité libre Dinner on October 1, 1992, hosted by the magazine Cité libre, at the Maison Egg Roll, Montreal, Quebec.

As Translated by George Tombs, master of ceremonies for the event.

Good people, beware of the things you say! Anything can emerge

From a word you let drop in passing,

Anything, hatred and mourning.

And do not protest that you can trust your friends and that you speak softly.

Listen carefully to this.

Well, this quatrain from Victor Hugo is is to let you know that the word you let drop in passing, when you vote, the…

Here are the final prediction polls the major Canadian polling firms and news outlets posted on Sunday, October 18, 2019 the day before the 2015 Canadian general election. Most incorrectly predicted a Liberal minority government.

The actual results were as follows:

LIBERAL: 39.5% / 184 seats
CONSERVATIVE: 31.9% / 99
NDP: 19.7% / 44
BLOC: 4.7% / 10
GREEN: 3.5% / 1

Ekos, Liberal minority

Canadian Election Watch, Liberal minority

Along with imminent predictions of a “Green Party breakthrough,” there is no trope of Canadian election coverage more predictable and tiresome than condescending media “explanations” of Canada’s parliamentary system from self-appointed experts. While purportedly neutral, such explainers, clarifiers, guides, and so on, exist primarily as a tool of argument, rather than education. Their purpose is to intimidate the reader into accepting a certain political outcome as normal and uncontroversial, and not contest or question it. Important facts are accordingly omitted or only selectively reported in order to make the argument appear as powerful and undebatable as possible.

Currently, the press…

Late January-Early February, 2019

President Donald J. Trump is generally considered a vulnerable incumbent, but his defeat is far from certain. He is not expected to face a serious challenge from within his party for the Republican nomination.

Most of the major Democratic candidates have announced. Kamala Harris is cautiously regarded as the most plausible front-runner in the party primary. Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden (who have not yet announced) are also considered plausibly strong candidates, and are widely expected to run. 2016 runner-up Bernie Sanders (who has also not announced) is expected to run as well, but many think the 77-year-old will be…

JJ McCullough

Political commentator, artist, and vlogger.

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